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Your traditional Thai Massage in Prague 2
Sawadee Kha!
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Jampa Thaimassage!
Forget stress from work and sightseeing and come to relax and find internal balance.

Optimize your stay in Prague with a relaxing Thai Massage in a friendly and familiar atmosphere.

Come to the land of Smile!

Our saloon
The owner of the saloon, Phiengsay Keomingmaung, comes from Laos and works for more than 7 years successfully with the methods of Traditional Thai Massage. In 2011 she opened her new practice near Prague centrum (in Stroupežnického 20 / 525). Phiengsay Keomingmaung, as well as other masseuses in the saloon, trained their competence in the famous massage school of temple Wat Pho in Thailand and are officially certificated.

Thai Massage
Traditional Thai Massage, also called Thai Yoga Massage, means “ancient beneficial touch”.
Thai massage is based on passive stretching and extension, mobilisation of joint and massage of pressure points.
In Thailand the Traditional Thai Massage is one of the branches of Traditional Thai Medicine (TTM).

You can find the origin of Traditional Thai Massage in the third century before Christ, when Buddhist monks practised it in temples. The original Traditional Thai Massage lasts 2 hours and half. In the temple of Wat Pho in Bangkok we find these information of monk written on old leaves of palm tree.

Also our technique bases on tradition of Wat Pho. Our work bases on regardfulness, benignity and compassion.

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